Research program launches new website

Research program launches new website

The Canada Research Chair program in Sustainability Research Effectiveness aims to understand how research contributes to change and to help make research, especially research that works in complex socio-ecological systems, more effective. Currently, our work is pursuing three main lines of investigation:

  1. exploring the underlying theories that help understand the role of research in social change processes;
  2. developing and testing concepts and an analytical framework to characterize effective research design and implementation; and
  3. evaluating the outcomes and impacts of completed research projects (as case studies), using a theory-based approach, in collaboration with the project researchers. These case studies will also be used in comparative analyses, to generate lessons about what makes research effective and to iteratively refine our assessment tools and methods.

Through traditional academic channels, other researchers may build on these ideas and take up new questions to advance the research effectiveness agenda. By using a participatory approach in our outcome evaluations, we support researcher reflection about what does and does not work in the context of their specific research process to facilitate informed adaptations of research practice in the future. Our purpose revolves around the aspiration for research to become more effective through improved design, implementation and adaptive management to maximize research contributions to positive social, environmental and economic change.

This website will be one of our many channels through which our work will reach other researchers and practitioners. Learn more on our new website.

A special thanks to the kind support and assistance we received from IT and CTET to launch the website.