Review of Sustainability Leadership published

Sustainability Leadership

Many programs at Royal Roads—including the MA and MSc in Environment and Management (MEM)—integrate learning about leadership and sustainability. Fielding Graduate University has published a monograph that includes dissertation research about this intersection. It is titled Sustainability Leadership: Integrating Values, Meaning and Action. Alice MacGillivray (Associate Faculty with the Schools of Leadership Studies and Environment and Sustainability) has a chapter in the monograph, and also teaches in the final blended courses of the MEM program.

When Norma Hogan and Jessie Hannigan studied in the MEM program, they volunteered for an extra activity, working with Alice to synthesize assignment work for potential publication. The product of that work has now been published in the journal Emergence: Complexity and Organization: An international Transdisciplinary Journal of Complex Social Systems. The paper, by Hogan, Hannigan and MacGillivray "has elements of a book review, but its main focus is to use Sustainability Leadership as a vehicle to show how sustainability studies can illuminate complex leadership work."  

The paper highlights ways of moving towards sustainability from a variety of formal and non-formal leadership positions. It also synthesizes chapter contents, presents systems diagrams developed by student teams and shows ways in which natural systems principles can inform leadership approaches.