Roads to Research: Geo Takach & Paul Allison


Join Geo Takach and Paul Allison for Roads to Research on November 20 from noon to 1 p.m. in the LIC - Centre for Dialogue. 

Doors open 11:55–12:05 p.m. (no latecomers, please)

A Play on Water

Over the eons, bountiful buckets full of thinkers and artists have aimed to express the meaning, aesthetics, effects and transcendence of the source of all life, by far the greatest occupant of Planet Earth, and the soggiest setting ever fathomed for polo. In this live performance, a senior, internationally trained garden designer and an environmental-communication scholar with professional credits as a writer, filmmaker and performer team up on a singular quest. Inspired by the oldest Japanese garden in Canada (located—you guessed it—here at RRU), they investigate how water can both shape and reflect our sense of place and our sense of self. Heightened via the miracle of images and ambient sound, Geo and Paul's high-spirited exploration is aesthetic, biological, climatological, geographic, historical, even almost poetic. Their premise: if we want to truly understand our place in the world, then we had better know our water—and be able to go with (or against) the flow.

Please bring your lunch. Cookies & coffee will be provided. 

Research Services gratefully acknowledges the funding support of the Research Support Fund (RSF) in the development of this initiative. The RSF is administered by the Tri-Agency Institutional Programs Secretariat.