Roads to Research with Hilary Leighton

Roads to Research

Roads to Research sessions are filmed. If you recently missed a presentation, check the RRU Roads to Research YouTube channel

Ecopsychology: A Systems Psychology in Service of All of Life

  • With Dr. Hilary Leighton, IBP, RCC, Assistant Professor, Program Head MA Environmental Education and Communication, School of Environment & Sustainability
  • Wednesday, May 29th from noon to 1 p.m.
  • LIC Centre for Dialogue
  • Cookies & coffee/tea/water will be provided (and feel free to bring your lunch)

In response to dominant social norms, ecopsychology extends counselling and psychotherapy into a wider context to include the psyche's relationship to the natural world by recognizing the intrinsic connections that exist between human well-being and ecological health through therapeutic means. In counter-balance to traditional psychology and a kind of systemic separation from our original intimacy with the natural world, it provides a more embodied conception of humans not only found in their recovery toward wholeness but in terms of considering the vital connections within a living system dependent upon all of its constituent parts for its own ecological health. Moving beyond treating an the individual psyche through conventional therapies alone, a more holistic systems approach originates from the biological/ecology model and as such aligns with Indigenous worldviews and traditionally held wisdom that understands humans and nature as relatives. At this watershed moment in human history, on a planet radically and forever altered, ecopsychology holds implications for not only psychological but also epistemological and ecological transformation and healing.   

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