Roads to Research with Prof. Michael Young

RRU Staff

What happens when university students learn side-by-side with offenders inside a federal penitentiary?

Join Prof. Michael Young of the School of Humanitarian Studies as he discusses his research on the “Inside Out” model of prison education Dec. 12 at noon in the Centre for Dialogue, presented by the Office of Research Services as part of its “Roads to Research” lecture series.

Young taught a pilot course to 26 students this year at William Head Institution, with half of the class formed by “outside” students in the Bachelor of Arts in Justice Studies program and half by “inside” students incarcerated at the minimum-security penitentiary.

Hear how the “Inside Out” model affected student learning experiences and how the learning environment may have contributed to reduced social barriers and lowered levels of stigmatization between inside and outside students.

Find out what students are saying about the course.

The presentation is open to the public. Feel free to bring your lunch; coffee and cookies will be served.

The Office of Research Services gratefully acknowledges the support of the Research Support Fund (RSF) in the development of Roads to Research. The RSF is administered by the Tri-Agency Institutional Programs Secretariat.