Rob Mittelman research paper receives honours


RRU assistant professor and doctoral candidate Rob Mittelman’s paper entitled  “Say When: A Theory of Peak Social Benefit”, co-authored with Richard Tuck (a PhD candidate at UVic), was not only accepted for presentation in the Public and Non-Profit (PNP) division of the upcoming 2015 Academy of Management Conference, but was also recognized as one of the best papers (top 10% overall).

Rob and Tuck were subsequently informed last week that in addition to the above honour, the PNP program chair has selected the paper as Best Conference Paper by a Doctoral Student!

Congratulations Rob!


An abridged version will be published in the Proceedings of the 2015 Academy of Management Meeting.

Abstract: Social enterprises face increasing pressures to become more and more businesslike. But, to what extent is it too much to be too businesslike? In this conceptual paper, we propose that there is a point of business-likeness where the production of an organization’s peak social benefit is reached.