Robert Bateman talk a huge success

Tess Wixted

In 2009, Continuing Studies and the Environmental School teamed up for a conference called Get Outside – It’s In Our Nature focussing on ways of getting children and their families outside more. Last Child in the Woods author Richard Louv and Canadian artist and activist Robert Bateman were keynotes and the event sold out. The rich presentations, workshops and conversations led to many wonderful confluences one of which was a collectively created declaration outlining the ways we could all ensure that children and nature were more synonymous through government legislation, through curriculum in schools, through connections and activities in our communities, through conscious action and by linking up all of the organizations already doing great work.

This how the Child and Nature Alliance (CNA) of Canada was established. CNA supports children and families to get outside and play more – it spans all sectors as a nexus for making getting outside a natural part of development and learning. Today both Bob Bateman and Rich Louv are its honorary chairs.

Robert Bateman was here last week for his annual “unplugged armchair style” talk through Continuing Studies where we celebrated a record crowd. Through Bob’s spirit of generosity for the cause we were able to raise $1,300 for the CNA.  Gillian Petrini, manager of CNA writes, “…a most sincere thank you for organizing this and for supporting our work.  What an incredible amount raised!”

Thank you to all those who made this glorious event happen.