Royal Roads Big Bike Team raises over $2800


The Royal Roads Big Bike team rode on Friday, June 2 at Centennial Park in Langford. Our goal was to raise $1500 and have 29 riders. We raised just over $2800 and we had 18 riders

This was the 1st Big Bike Ride that RRU has participated in. Thank you to the RRU team for riding, for your donations and for your great RRU team spirit!

Alexandra Volk
Brie Deimling – co-captain
Christine Oldridge
Crystal Lynam
Donna van Akker
Gina Williams
Jaclyn Cross
Jacynta Spicer
Jeanne Drew – co-captain
Jing Wang
Katrina Wassman
Kim Lang
Kindy Carter
Rhona Kerr
Robynne Devine
Sherry Richards
Timothy Kituri
Vern Olson
Yvonne Westcott

The Heart and Stroke Foundation is the largest investor in heart disease and stroke research outside of the Canadian government. They are investing in prevention, treatment and advocacy to prevent heart disease, increase the quality of life of those who live with disease and educate and advocate for life saving technology, treatments and interventions in instances of cardiac events. The Big Bike is a longstanding community outreach and fundraising event. This year in the Westshore, the foundation is trying to raise $11,000 and have 300 people ride the bike!

Talking with your friends and family about heart disease prevention is easy too. Here are some great tools to get the conversation going:

  1. Do your Online Risk Assessment
  2. Download the <30 Days to a Healthier Heart App for Apple or Android
  3. Share these tips for getting active
  4. Try out one of our heart healthy recipes for dinner