RRU activities at ILA a huge success!


If you were wondering why so many faculty were away from campus last week, this may be the answer. Royal Roads University scholars from a variety of schools were active participants at this year’s Annual International Leadership Association Global Conference, which was held in San Diego from October 30th to November 2nd, 2014. This premier leadership conference brings together about 2,000 leadership practitioners, scholars, students and educators from around the world. RRU people created a significant presence, participating on panels, symposia, and giving presentations and workshops. Special thanks go to Mehgan Cabrera, Recruitment Manager, who for the last few years, has been quietly building connections between RRU and ILA. Below is a list of activities with the RRU people involved. Congratulations everyone on a conference to remember.

 CEO reflections on mindful leading in organizations (Ticketed lunch panel): Peter Robinson, CEO David Suzuki Foundation and RRU alumnus and former chancellor (Panelist).

 Leaders who thrive in complex situations — Strategies and Outcomes (Presentation): Wendy Rowe School of Leadership Studies, Jennifer Walinga, School of Culture and Communications (Co-presenters).

 Teaching leadership through the arts (Workshop): Catherine Etmanski, School of Leadership Studies (Facilitator).

 The leadership values gap (Symposium presentation): Marilyn Taylor, School of Leadership Studies (Presenter).

 The world café as co-generative action research method (Workshop): Niels Agger-Gupta, School of Leadership Studies (Co-facilitator).

 International stories and international academic visions on peace leadership (Panel discussion): Erich Schellhammer, School of Humanitarian Studies (Chair).

 The future of corporate leadership development (Panel discussion): Allan Cahoon, President of Royal Roads University (Chair).

 Ethical nurse leaders: Developing resilience and clinical wisdom (Presentation). Brigitte Harris, School of Leadership Studies (Presenter).

 Leading organizational change through action research engagement (Presentation): Wendy Rowe, Marie Graf, Eileen-Piggot-Irvine, Niels Agger-Gupta and Brigitte Harris, School of Leadership Studies (co-presenters/co-authors).

 Leadership, sinkholes and planned change: Phenomenography to find the unforeseen (Presentation): Niels Agger-Gupta, School of Leadership Studies (Co-presenter).

 Inviting spirit, mindfulness, presence, and authenticity into leadership (Workshop): Catherine Etmanski, Beth Page, Mark Fulton and Guy Nasmyth, School of Leadership Studies (Co-facilitator).

 Leadership author book signing:

  • Catherine Etmanski, School of Leadership Studies: Learning and Teaching Community-Based Research: Linking Pedagogy to Practice.
  • Beth Page and Mark Fulton, School of Leadership Studies: Leading with spirit, presence and authenticity.
  • Marilyn Taylor, School of Leadership Studies: Emergent Learning for Wisdom.