RRU Dialogue on Climate Action


October 9 – 16 is World Climate Week. What better time to reflect on our university’s work on climate action, and to identify areas in which we can strengthen our contribution to achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement. All Royal Roads faculty and staff are invited to join the Dialogue on Climate Action on October 14, from 12 – 1:30 p.m. in the Centre for Dialogue.

In 2015, at the Paris Climate Change Conference, over 190 countries committed to holding global average temperature increases to well below 2 C. Achieving that ambitious target will require concerted effort and commitment by not only governments, but also non-governmental institutions and civil society. As centres of education, training, awareness, and capacity building, universities must play an active and leading role in linking action to climate goals.

Royal Roads University was founded on principles of action and sustainability. Already, many Royal Roads faculty are engaged in climate action through sustainability research, participation in national and international organizations, advocacy, education and curriculum development. And many of our programs - ranging from environmental sciences to business - explicitly target sustainability practices.

The Dialogue on Climate Action is an opportunity to draw together this extensive knowledge and experience of our faculty and staff to address key questions on action:

  • What role does and should Royal Roads University play in implementing the education, training, awareness and capacity-building aspirations of the Paris Agreement? 
  • What are we already doing, and what should we do more of?
  • What opportunities for international collaboration and support are available to Royal Roads faculty, staff, students and researchers?

The Dialogue will begin with a moderated discussion featuring two of Royal Roads’ climate action leaders, Dr. Ann Dale and Dr. Leslie King. We’ll address the current state of climate affairs, explore the magnitude of action needed to meet the Paris goals, and review the role of the university in climate action.  Participants will then engage in café-style dialogue around various themes related to Royal Roads' opportunities for global engagement, leadership in research and learning, knowledge creation and dissemination.