RRU at International Leadership conference

2016 ILA in Atlanta

The 18th Annual Global Conference of the International Leadership Association (ILA) was held in Atlanta, Georgia from Nov. 2 to 5, 2016.  Several Royal Roads University core and associate faculty and graduate students attended, including: Brigitte Harris, Catherine Etmanski, Jennifer Walinga, Kathy Bishop, Niels Agger-Gupta, Cheryl Heykoop, Guy Nasmyth, Nikki Bade, Maria Anderson, Lisa Perkins, and Joan Owen. Andrea Torres Lopez was present to host the RRU information booth. Courtney Martin, RRU BCom alumna, also attended as an ILA staff member.
These representatives addressed the conference theme of “The Dynamics of Inclusive Leadership" from multiple perspectives:

  • A presentation on their chapter, “Dialogic Change and the Practice of Inclusive leadership,” as part of a panel on the book, “Breaking the zero-sum game: Transforming societies through inclusive leadership” (Brigitte and Niels, together with the editors and the authors of other chapters)
  • A panel on “Inclusive leadership through arts-based practice” (Kathy, Cheryl, Nikki, and Catherine – together with colleague Dr. Alicia Crumpton)
  • A symposium on “Fostering inclusive leadership through research and dialogue: the women leading change project” (Brigitte and Jennifer)
  • A roundtable conversation on “The dynamics of inclusive leadership in international nonprofit organizations” (Catherine together with colleague Maninder Tennessey)
  • A presentation on “"From walls to windows: Using barriers as pathways to inclusive leadership and integrative thinking” (Jennifer)
  • A workshop on “Nurturing youth leadership through a youth-centric social innovation lab” (Cheryl on behalf of the ResiliencebyDesign Lab)
  • A poster session for the emerging scholars research consortium “From static to dynamic: How IT organizations evolve to foster innovation, productivity, and thriving” (Maria)
  • An experiential workshop on “Soul centric leadership: Finding presence, purpose, and passion amidst complexity” (Cheryl, Guy, and Catherine)

These presentations at ILA served to showcase Royal Roads University as a thriving hub of leadership excellence.