RRU Service Celebration 2016 theme song ideas

RRU Service Celebration 2016 theme song ideas

Dust off your vinyl’s, tune into your favourite radio station or search your iTunes folder for the perfect celebratory theme song for the 2016 RRU Service Celebration.  Your theme song submission could be the BIG winner!

Please submit your theme song idea(s) for  this year’s 2016 RRU Service Celebration.  If you are the winner not only will you own the bragging rights there will be a nice reward for your creative efforts!  However, if you want this chance, act fast as the deadline for submissions is 4 p.m on May 20, 2016.  In keeping with the celebratory theme of the event please focus your suggestions along the lines of the songs we’ve used in the past:   Happy, We are Family and Celebration.

Please submit your ideas to Jeannie Drew