Safety tip: slips, trips, and falls


The rainy season is officially here but don’t let that get you “down.” Please be mindful and careful of possible slipping and tripping hazards around campus caused by wet surfaces or any other tripping hazards.

One of the most common hazards is slipping on wet floors or tripping over an object. Here are general some tips from WorkSafe BC to prevent possible slips, trips and falls:

  • Footwear:

    • Use properly fitted footwear in areas where floors may be oily or wet (outdoors).

    • Proper footwear increases comfort and prevents fatigue, which improves safety. No footwear has anti-slip properties for every condition (consult manufacturer).

  • Appropriate Pace:

    • Avoid rushing through your work to reduce the chances of a fall.

    • Take your time and pay attention to where you are going.

    • Adjust your pace to suit the type of flooring and the tasks you are doing.

    • Walk with your feet pointed slightly outward.

    • Make wide turns at corners.

  • Proper Visibility:

    • Always use available light sources to provide sufficient light for your tasks.

    • Use a flashlight when entering a dark room.

    • Ensure the things you carry, push, or pull, do not prevent you from seeing obstructions or spills.

  • Good Housekeeping:

    • Clean all spills and debris immediately.

    • Mark spills and wet areas with warning signs and barricades.

    • Spread grease-absorbent compound on oily surfaces.

    • Keep walkways and doorways free of clutter.

    • Secure mats, rugs, and carpets that do not lay flat by tacking or taping them down.

    • Always close cabinet or storage drawers.

    • Cover cords/cables that cross walkways.

    • Keep working areas and walkways well lit