Sahtu Dene visitors

Mary-Anne Neal
Indigenous visitors from the Sahtu, NWT, in front of Hatley Castle

The Sahtu Region of the Northwest Territories is perhaps the most remote part of North America, accessible by air only. 

Associate Faculty Mary-Anne Neal works closely with the five Indigenous communities in the Sahtu to improve literacy and increase pride in the Dene heritage. 

Neal awarded the Dene Hero Travel Prize to two young Indigenous women who contributed to Volume 3 in the Dene Hero book series. Neal paid for their round-trip flights from Tulita and Colville Lake to Victoria, hosted them in her home and toured them around south Vancouver Island for a week.

This visit left Sunita Kochon and Kyanna Dolphus inspired by the possibility of distance learning to improve their communities. 

Thanks to Viral Manjukia, Dranna Andrews-Brown and Dan Anthon for the campus tour and photography.