Salish Weave Project donates art


Indigenous Education and Student Services Manager, Asma-na-hi Antoine, had a special guest, Her Honour, Judith Guichon, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia visit Sneq'wa e'lun (the Blue Heron House) during her visit to Royal Roads University. Included with Her Honour, was Private Secretary James Hammond. Mr Hammond kindly offered to introduce Asma-na-hi Antoine to Christiane and George Smyth, who own the Salish Weave Project that holds a collection of Coast Salish art work by various of Coast Salish artists.

Asma-na-hi had the opportunity to visit the Smyth's in their home to discuss further about the past, present, and future plans for Indigenous Education and Student Services. Salish Weaeve Projects vision to educate those about the authenticity of Coast Salish art by Coast Salish artists, seemed fitting for the teachings and learning model not just in Sneq'wa e'lun but for the university as a whole for all students, faculty, and staff, to see and hear about the importance of Coast Salish art and the representation of culturally appropriate work. At the end of our discussion, George and Christiane provided Asma-na-hi a tour of their art collection.

At the end of their visit, George and Christiane donated an 18-piece Coast Salish art collection done by various Coast Salish artists: Susan Point (pictured here), Johnny Maynard, lessLIE, Chris Paul, Andy Everson, Dylan Thomas, Johnny Marston, and Luke Marston  to Sneq'wa e'lun and Royal Roads University. Asma-na-hi will have the pieces framed and hung throughout Sneq'wa e'lun (the Blue Heron House) and will also find homes for pieces potentially in the Castle. 

We would like to extend a huge thank you, raise our hands, and in the spirit of the ancestors of these lands, "Hych'ka Siem" to both George and Christiane for the generous donation! Once the art work is framed and the displays are up, notices will be sent out to our RRU community and general public to come view.