School of Humanitarian Studies update

SHS update

There have been a number of shifts and changes in the School of Humanitarian Studies over the last few months and weeks, so I thought I would give a quick overview of who is doing what.

Since December, I (Dr. Michael Young) stepped into the role of school director, taking that role over from Dr. Jean Slick, who is on research leave until June.

Dr. Kathleen Manion has taken over as program head for the on-campus and blended BA in Justice Studies program. For now, I remain involved in the development of the MA Justice Studies program and am the head of the programs.

In the graduate programs (MA and Diploma) Dr. Robin Cox continues to lead the Resilience by Design Lab and maintains her role as program head for the Disaster and Emergency Management programs until July when Dr. Jean Slick takes over the role. Dr. Ken Christie leads the Human Security and Peacebuilding programs. Dr. Marnie Jull has taken on the Conflict Analysis and Management programs. Out of our graduate programs’ harmonization process and the opportunities it generates, we created a new role, which Dr. Eva Malisius steps into as program head for the SHS Graduate Pathways. This role focuses on supporting our shared track options, i.e. the course-based completions with the internship and/or electives. This role complements the Program Head and also coordinates elements and decisions that impact across the individual programs. 

Our SHS staff has reviewed some of the roles and responsibilities internally, which means that for some of you the point of contact may change. Our team is lead by Coleen Toning in her role as school manager. Our two program coordinators Jennifer Paulus (HUMS, CAM, DEM) and Rhett Reilkoff (HSPB, JUS) are able to provide answers and guidance and often function as first point-of-contact for the respective program areas. They are supported by our program associates Laurie Cain (CAM, DEM, HSPB) and Alyssa Barthel (JUS).

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out – or stop by for a visit in House 28, the Vice-Commandant’s House!