Search Power!

Bobbi Bjornholt
Web Searching at RRU

Searching on the RRU websites has improved!

We’ve recently launched a new search tool on our RRU websites. The button looks the same as before and appears in the same place on the website that you’re used to, but the engine that powers the search has just been supercharged.

Our new search is powered by Google, in order to take advantage of Google’s industry-leading web crawlers and search algorithms. You should see a significant improvement from the previous search tool, in the relevancy of the results that are generated when you conduct a search from our RRU web properties.

The search results will now also include pages from across our collection of sites, including the satellite sites, no matter which page you search from, which is something our previous search tool didn’t handle nearly as well. 

Making this improvement to the tool itself is a big leap in our search technologies, but it’s not the end of the story when it comes to making information easier to find on our site. It’s still important to ensure that our website content receives the constant curation it needs to stay fresh, relevant, and findable. This means being conscious of writing keywords into the copy itself and implementing the latest best practices, especially when it comes to using formatting and headers. (This helps for accessibility too!) 

Further learning...

If you'd like to know more about how search engines organize and prioritize web content, this Common Craft video does a good job of keeping it simple.