Security goes electric


Royal Roads Security Office has switched to all electric vehicles. Two new electric utility vehicles have replaced the Ford Escape SUV.

The Ford Escape SUV has the highest usage and overall fuel costs of all Royal Roads’ fleet vehicles, and accounts for more than 25% of fleet emissions.

The Ford Escape will still be used around campus, however it will do significantly less driving. The fleet reorganization is expected to result in a reduction of 14 tonnes of total carbon emissions a year, and an annual fuel and vehicle maintenance cost savings of approximately $8,300. More importantly, the new vehicles will create a more eco-friendly campus.

Yearly savings

Greenhouse gas emission reduction:

  • Savings of 14 tonnes of CO2e
  • At $25/tonne this would save $370 in carbon offset payments

Fuel consumption reduction:

  • The Ford Escape has an average fuel cost that is 6x the cost to charge the electric utility vehicles
  • Annual fuel savings: $6,500

Maintenance cost reduction:

  • The yearly maintenance costs of an electric utility vehicle is lower than a gas powered vehicle as electric vehicles benefit from having fewer moving components, and not requiring oil changes or other maintenance costs such as oil filters or spark plugs
  • Annual maintenance savings: $1,500

Investing in alternative transportation for fleet vehicles continues to showcase Royal Roads as a leader in sustainability, as well as setting an example for staff, faculty and students for the reduction of emissions associated with their personal vehicles.