Seeking SCC Org Comm Challenge clients

Be SCC's next Org Comm Challenge client!

Every June and November, our MA in Professional Communication student teams are busy tackling the ‘live case’ organizational communication challenges. This fall we served 3 social-profit organizations: Power to Be, the Community Social Planning Council of Greater Victoria and Special Olympics BC. The teams conducted organizational cultural audits, theoretically grounded analyses of the challenges, then generated a research proposal and communications plan and finally crafted a professional presentation for the clients – all in the span of 3 weeks! A special thanks to Barb Collombin, MAPC alumni and Associate Faculty member of School of Communication and Culture, for reaching out across our alumni and community networks and garnering a selection of live case challenges each spring and fall for each of the two MAPC intakes. These brilliant grad student teams have now helped more than 30 private and social profit organizations.

The School of Communication and Culture uses the ‘live case’ approach in our Graduate Certificate in Professional Communication Management and our MA in Intercultural and International Communication degree as well as many of our graduate and undergraduate courses (crisis communication, global communications, communication for development and public relations) because we believe that the live case offers students the most relevant and realistic opportunity to apply their newly acquired theory, methods and practice. We also believe in serving our alumni by offering to tackle ‘live case’ organizational challenges in their organizations. We link these organizations to scholar practitioner faculty, our BA practicum students, our MAIIC intern students and our BA and MA research students for follow up implementation of the recommendations.

There are many ways to partner with the School of Communication and Culture!

One team created the #SOAmazing hashtag created for Special Olympics BC which was immediately implemented across social media; another team was able to create a video for Power to Be that the organization immediately put into action. The video features D’Arcy - MAPC fall 2017 - and her son Nathan, who just happens to be a Power to Be adventurer!

If you, or someone in your network, are interested in participating in our Org Comm Live Case Challenge, please contact program head: Dr. Jennifer Walinga or OCC coordinator Barbara Collombin by Feb. 1.