SES welcomes Hilary Leighton

Hilary Leighton

SES is delighted to announce that Dr. Hilary Leighton is the winning candidate of the recent faculty competition. There were a number of well-qualified applicants and the hiring committee composed of Drs. Brigitte Harris, Matt Dodd, Leslie King, Mary Bernard and Ann Dale had difficult decisions to make.

Dr. Leighton brings her unique inter- and trans-disciplinary approaches, with an integrative psychological framework and perspective, as well as outstanding pedagogical expertise to curriculum design and teaching in innovative, experiential, and arts- and nature-based way. Dr. Leighton is a dedicated and experienced educator, supervisor, program administrator and scholar-practitioner.

Most recently her publications include a collaboration with Geoff Bird on A matter of life and death: Tourism as sensual remembrance. In C. Palmer & H. Andrews, (Eds.) Tourism and embodiment. (pp. 121-139). UK, Routledge; with Ann Dale on Where living and learning meet: Bringing the classroom into the city, In Kremers, A. Liepins, & A. York, (Eds.). Developing change agents: Innovative practices for sustainability leadership, Montreal, QC: McGill Publication; and an arts-based research chapter, Mindscapes and landscapes: Rendering (of) the self through bodies of work. In E. Lyle (Ed.), Identity landscapes: Contemplating place and the construction of self.  Leiden, NL: Brill/Sense Publication.