Sharing the story on 2015/16 campus projects

RRU Staff
Sharing the story on 2015/16 campus projects

Earlier this year, RRU re-configured the library to house the consolidated student services team, creating contemporary, collaborative and flexible spaces for offices and learning. As this work was being done, government funding approval was confirmed allowing RRU to proceed with the originally envisioned major project that would address structural issues in the building, further upgrade the space, and extend the life of the facility.

The university subsequently received government notifications of two additional rounds of funding increases to address deferred maintenance priorities. This is consistent with indications early last year that the government’s commitment to addressing the deferred maintenance challenge across the system would increase incrementally over the next three years. With this news, RRU is positioned to move forward with much-needed maintenance work as well as to plan for future projects within the context of its strategic capital plan.

Given this, a series of initiatives have been prioritized, and detailed project plans are being finalized. Between January and March 2016, RRU will move a number of revitalization projects in the campus core forward to meet funding deadlines set for March 31, 2016. Recognizing that these initiatives will have an impact on classroom utilization, student services, and possibly residence spaces, project work is being planned such that it will minimize disruption for students, faculty and staff. The following is a summary of projects starting in January 2016.

For additional information about any of these projects, please contact Carolyn Levesque at 250-391-2503. Information about the library is available from Rosie Croft 250-391-2699, and Kyla McLeod will assist with student services 250-391-2600 ext. 4460.