Siomonn Pulla awarded SSHRC funds


Congratulations to Dr. Siomonn Pulla who has been awarded SSRHC Knowledge Synthesis funding to study m-learning technology use among Indigenous learners in Canada.

Pulla’s research will provide a synthesis of existing research knowledge and identify knowledge gaps relating to mobile learning (m-learning) technology and its applications to urban, rural and remote Indigenous communities and learners in Canada.

The use of wireless technology has the potential to revolutionize e-learning, helping to create, deliver, and facilitate learning regardless of the location, and enabling the delivery of comprehensive, individualized, and dynamic learning content in real time. M-learning is a natural extension of e-learning and has the potential to make e-learning even more widely available and accessible. For over a decade, international e-learning communities have been developing, implementing and testing innovative m-learning programs and infrastructure.

The picture in Canada, however, is much different: we still do not have a comprehensive or coherent approach to align the incredible potential of e-learning and the fast-developing area of m-learning with an informed understanding of what it could or should accomplish.

Existing research and programing indicates that e-learning for Indigenous secondary school students is proving to be a successful tool to support positive education outcomes. And while m-learning for Indigenous students is still in its infancy, this is the next step to enhancing and growing the success of these e-learning frameworks.

The overarching outcome of this research is to contribute to a broader vision of the possibilities for building sustainable collaborative partnerships across the public, private and NGO sectors in order to better understand the potential applications of MLTs in support of e-learning and m-learning for Indigenous learners in Canada.