Six ways you will hear about a snow closure

Megan Catalano
Hatley Castle covered in snow

It’s coming to that time of year – the possibility of snow on the South Island.

There are six ways the Royal Roads community will be informed if the need arises to close the campus due to snow.

Royal Roads Security will monitor the road conditions both on and off campus. A recommendation for closure will be made to Physical and Environmental Resources and the AVP of Human Resources if the weather conditions become unsafe to travel on or to campus.

After the Office of the VP and CFO makes the closure decision, the following communication protocol will be executed to inform the campus community:

  • Email:  all employees and on campus students will receive an email bulletin with closure notification
  • Website and Crossroads: a news item will be posted on the main website and on Crossroads
  • Social media: messages will be posted on the university Twitter account and Facebook page
  • Phone message: the main phone line will have a recorded voicemail message
  • Radio: Local radio stations will be contacted to inform them of the closure
  • Reader board: Campus Services will update the main digital reader board at the front entrance to campus

 The same channels will be used to communicate when the campus re-opens.

 Please note: we are also working on updating a campus closure communication protocol for other situations like the recent power outage.