SLS conference circuit

SLS conference circuit

Associate and core faculty members in the School of Leadership Studies attended four recent conferences: the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities (Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education/CASAE) in Toronto (May 28 to 30), the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) Annual Convention in Toronto (June 8 to 10), the International Leadership Association (ILA) Women & Leadership Conference in Rhinebeck, NY (June 11 to 14), and the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society (OBTS) for Management Educators Conference in Providence, Rhode Island (June 14 to 17).

Presentations included:

  • A pre-conference workshop: Power and Potential of Arts-Based Experiential Adult Learning by Kathy Bishop, Catherine Etmanski, Shauna Butterwick from UBC and Carole Roy from St. FX (May 27 at Congress/CASAE)
  • A paper presentation: Adult Education and Learning through Collaborative Leadership by Catherine Etmanski, Kathy Bishop and Darlene Clover from UVic (May 29 at Congress/CASAE)
  • A full day pre-convention workshop: Cultural Competency for Developing Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Collaboration by Elizabeth Hartney, Asma-na-hi Antoine, with Elder Garry Saulter (June 7 at CPA)
  • An interactive roundtable discussion: Soul-Centric Leadership: Cultivating Soul Images by Cheryl Heykoop, Kathy Bishop and Catherine Etmanski (June 12 at ILA Women)
  • An experiential Narrative Métissage workshop: Women and Leadership: Radical Conversations by Kathy Bishop, Cheryl Heykoop, Catherine Etmanski and Rebeccah Nelems from UVic (June 13 at ILA Women)
  • A panel presentation: Collaborative Leadership and Learning by Beth Page, Catherine Etmanski and Kathy Bishop, moderated by Cheryl Heykoop (June 13 at ILA Women)
  • A 6-minute TED-style talk: Letting Our Leadership Emerge: Awakened Leadership as a Way of Being in the 21st Century by Kathy Bishop (June 14 at ILA Women)
  • A workshop: Harvesting our Learning Together as we Navigate the Changing Currents of Collaborative Learning by Beth Page and Kathy Bishop (June 16 at OBTS)

Special thanks to Jennifer Walinga and Wendy Rowe for their behind-the-scenes work supporting the ILA Women’s Conference—and also to Alice MacGillivray for her attendance and participation.