Student dorms to get “VIP” treatment


It’s that time of year! We have an opportunity to celebrate what we’ve accomplished, take stock of where we are and take action to improve the student experience at Royal Roads.

Watch for the following Campus Services Client Services updates heading into the new year.

New look, better accessibility and simplified fees for student accommodations

Student accommodations are getting a fresh new look, improved accessibility and simplified fee structure. This is truly exciting news and something our students have expressed a desire to see.

The Visual Improvement Project (yes, VIP) will bring a fresh new look to dorms and ensuite rooms. New bedding, duvets, pillows and linens will arrive Dec. 13 to 20. Watch out for a 55-foot trailer behind Nixon to support the delivery.

In addition, accessibility enhancements are being made to selected ensuite rooms.

Along with these amenity improvements, a simplified accommodation fee structure will be implemented in the new year and service levels will continue to evolve to align with hospitality industry standards.

We have appreciated the collaborative inputs from Student Services and our Hospitality and Tourism program areas on these improvements.

We look forward to posting updated room pictures in January!

Campus carpet cleaning

The annual carpet cleaning Dec. 19 to 29 will freshen up our campus.


  • Thursday, Dec. 19 – Grant
  • Friday, Dec. 20 – Sherman Jen, Boathouse, Blue Heron, Learning and Innovation Centre (LIC)
  • Saturday, Dec. 21 – Library
  • Monday, Dec. 23 – Library, Nixon, Millward
  • Tuesday, Dec. 24 – Nixon, Millward
  • Friday, Dec. 27 – Nixon, Millward
  • Saturday, Dec. 28 – Hatley Castle
  • Sunday, Dec. 29 – Hatley Castle

We would appreciate it if everyone could move any floor bins to the top of your desk and push your chair into your desk area before you leave for appreciation days.

Campus Services closed for annual holiday party

Several Campus Services departments will close for our annual holiday event Dec. 12 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Please avoid Production or Custodial based services during this time.


Should you have any questions on these exciting activities please contact Roger Wells.

Thank you for your assistance as we roll out these important student experience improvements.

Happy Holidays from the Campus Services Client Service Team