Student immigration advising update

Soojin and Viral celebrating the end of their immigration course

Congratulations to Soojin Kim (in the Office of International Collaboration and Development) and Viral Mangukia (in Student Engagement) on their successful completion of the International Students and Immigration Education Program and examination, which marks their official status as Regulated International Student Immigration Advisors (RISIA).

Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act requires that immigration advice is only provided by accredited immigration representatives. With this certification under their belts, both Viral and Soojin join Dranna Andrews-Brown as the go-to people at RRU on any student immigration questions (study permits, temporary resident visa, etc). Soojin will primarily provide immigration advising to students before they start their program (prospective students and admitted students) and Viral and Dranna will primarily provide immigration advising to students who have started their program.

Immigration advising information can be found on the RRU website at (for current students)and (for prospective students). Current students can also book one-on-one immigration advising appointments at