Student Team Performance expands

Nooreen Shah-Pressuer, Barb Colombin and STP Manager, Trish Dyck

Student Team Performance continues to grow its services throughout Royal Roads, supporting students, faculty and staff in delivering and learning successful teamwork practices. This summer, two permanent staff joined the team:

Nooreen Shah-Pressuer and Barb Collombin. 

Nooreen has worked as a contractor team coach and associate faculty member at Royal Roads since 2016, serving BCOM, Year 1 with CIS, BBA, MATM, and provided a variety of workshops in other programs. She will be serving BCOM, School of Communication and Culture, and MGM as part of her portfolio. She has lived and worked internationally bringing experience from her diverse background in theatre, business and nonprofit which gives her a unique skill set for working with teams. Her engaging, cheerful and powerful presence is already well known across the campus.

Barb, a MAPC graduate (2007), has also worked internationally and in different sectors before joining Royal Roads as an associate faculty member in 2012. Her background in organizational communication helps form the platform for her working with teams. This year, Barb is the Tteam coach for the School of Tourism and Hospitality, as well as Year 1, within the CIS and the MGM Blended Program. Already a recipient of an associate faculty award, she exemplifies passion in her instruction and love for students.  

Nooreen and Barb continue to work closely with STP Manager, Trish Dyck to prepare students to be successful and impactful in their diverse team environments. The team at Student Team Performance also would like to acknowledge the invaluable contribution that the contractor team coaches have had and continue to make on campus, serving our students' ongoing success in teamwork: Michael Pardy, Susan Thackeray, Sarah Chettleburgh, Val Cortes, Gemma Fraser and Julia Szucs.

You can find the team coaches in the Library, Office 316 and by email  Nooreen Shah-Preusser, Barb Collombin and Trish Dyck.