Successful SoTL workshop


The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) functions in many positive ways to support teaching, learning, practitioner reflection, course development, program development and higher education generally. To explore and develop interdisciplinary SoTL collaboration at Royal Roads, a SoTL workshop was held on October 4, 2018. Facilitated by Dr. Doug Hamilton, in the Center for Dialogue, this workshop supported new and practicing SoTL researchers to come together to focus on SoTL research principles and practices and research projects. The following are some of the topics and questions that guided the workshop activities:

  • Why SoTL?
  • Examples of successful SoTL research
  • How to develop your research question
  • Research design and methods
  • Dissemination
  • Moving a project forward – identify opportunities for collaboration
  • Where do we go from here – next steps?

This workshop was supported by the Buttedahl Skene Learning and Innovation Fund, CTET, and the Coordinating Team (Jo Axe, Elizabeth Childs, Sophia Palahicky, and Rebecca Wilson-Mah). If you are interested in being part of the RRU SoTL Community of Practice (CoP), contact Sophia Palahicky to be added to the distribution list.