Summer pruning party

Oblique cordon training system

The walled garden at Royal Roads was once a productive orchard. There are original 100 year old apple and pear trees  as well as new plantings that are reintorducing heritage varieties to the area, as well as ensuring propagation material for these cultivars. Summer pruning is an important component of maintaing high yields on a dwarf tree.

Some of the topics include: basic botany that directs pruning, rootstocks and their effect, different training systems,and  how you can maintain a fruit tree in a small garden. There will also be budding demonstrations. A form of grafting, you can learn how to propagate your own trees.

This free  workshop is sponsored by the BC Fruit Testers, and is hands on. Bring your pruners!

For  more information contact:
Barrie Agar
tel 250 391 2600 ext 4768
cel 250 818 1836