Take the Smart Drive Challenge


The CRD is helping to promote the Smart Drive Challenge in our region to help residents reduce their emissions and improve their climate impact. On-road transportation is responsible for 58% of the GHG emissions produced annually in the province of BC, while across the CRD, more than 1.47 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions are generated annually. If you are interested in changing your driving habits by learning how to reduce fuel use, related greenhouse gas emissions and costs, you are invited to participate in the Smart Drive Challenge. Participating drivers will use a telematics device, like a fitbit for cars, to track their individual driving habits and encourage simple corrections and adjustments to their driving behaviour. The goal of the program is to contribute to a healthier, cleaner and more vibrant region by encouraging, engaging and challenging individuals to change their driving behaviours and reduce fuel consumption. It is free to participate and information on how to participate is below.

When: Register now. The program runs July - August.

How it works:

1. Participating drivers will be given a sophisticated in-vehicle device to measure their regular driving habits, getting a snapshot of how they normally drive.

2. Drivers will take a free 30 minute online training course and learn how to drive better (more efficiently) and drive less (reduce the amount they drive).

3. Drivers will put their training to the test by taking the Challenge. With the goal of reducing their fuel consumption by 15%, drivers will be given online tools and communications that track individual progress and show how participating drivers compare to one another.

4. Participating drivers will be rewarded with a $50 Visa card for completing the program.

Learn more about the Smart Drive Challenge or contact the Office of Sustainability.