Tasha Daimant's Skin in the Game featured

Tasha Diamant, M.Ed.
Skin in the Game is Tasha Diamant/s new show

My ongoing work on vulnerability in the Human Body Project was featured in the Times Colonist's Thursday entertainment section on June 4. Adrian Chamberlain, the TC's theatre critic, wrote about my new show, Skin in the Game, which debuted the same day and will also run at the Victoria Fringe in August. He also mentions the Vulnerability Vigils I hold at least once a month.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Since January 2012, Victoria artist/performer Tasha Diamant has stood naked once a month in the streets of our city.

She calls these “vulnerability vigils.” To date, Diamant — who first began performing nude nine years ago — has done more than 100 such appearances, including workshops and fringe theatre gigs.

Her eight-year-old daughter worries her middle-aged mom will be arrested one day for being naked in public. So far, Diamant has avoided jail — although police do often show up.

These clothing-free performances, said Diamant, are intended as artistic statements about our vulnerability in the modern world. As a middle-class, white person living in Canada, divesting herself of garments symbolically removes the trappings of privilege. Diamant describes her nervousness over her nude debut as a “huge, major freak-out.” Being naked in public has become easier over time, although each time she must still summon the courage.

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