Teaching with Technology Research Showcase

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Five teams of faculty and CTET collaborators showcased the results of their research projects on May 28, 2019 at the Teaching with Technology (TwT) 2018-19 Showcase event.

The showcase was a culmination event, providing an opportunity for the research teams to share the results of their projects with RRU and the global community and to contribute to knowledge about the integration of technology within sound pedagogical practices. 

The research projects were funded through TwT research grants, a joint initiative between the Office of Research and the Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies (CTET).

Five teams were awarded small grants to support research related to the Learning, Teaching, and Research Model (LTRM), “Open” pedagogy, Open Educational Resources (OER), and innovations in teaching practice that support the LTRM.

Congratulations to all the teams on the success of the projects and thank you for your contributions to scholarship related to teaching, technology and innovation!

Virtual showcase

virtual showcase of the projects is available online.

Teams and research projects

"Student perceptions of openness: Survey of current literature"


Dr. Elizabeth Childs (SET), Dr. Jo Axe (SET), Dr. Irwin DeVries (SET), Keith Webster (CTET), Karen Lee Charlebois (RA, SET)


"Framing our narrative: A photo-voice project"


Ann-Kathrin McLean (STHM), Dr. Geoff Bird (STHM), Eric Bigrigg (CTET), Cathy Pretorius (CTET), & Tri Ningsih (CTET)


"Leveraging team-based learning and technology to support online learning communities in a community of practice (CoP) based special topics course"


Dr. Rebecca Wilson-Mah (STHM), Dr. Jennifer Walinga (SCC), & Keith Webster (CTET)


"Technology to enable excellence in notetaking and a customizable collaborative classroom experience - Microsoft OneNote classroom"


Moira McDonald (STHM), Ian McVitty (STHM), & Eric Bigrigg (CTET)


"Making informed choices on ePortfolio integration"


Dr. Chaseten Remillard (SCC), Keith Webster (CTET), & Lisa Dalla Vecchia (RA, SCC)


 To learn more, visit the TwT virtual showcase or contact your CTET instructional designer.