Team Coaching has a new name and new staff!

Photo: New Student Team Performance members (left to right) Kate Landreth, Trish Dyck and Paul Kurucz

Team Coaching is moving out of the Counselling and Coaching Center, getting a new name and welcoming new staff! This service will now be referred to as Student Team Performance.

It has been an exciting year of change and growth since the centralization of Student Team Coaching Services into Student Services. We continue to expand our delivery of team coach services across programs and we are delighted to announce some new staff. 

With Sarah Chettleburgh off on maternity leave, Trish Dyck has taken on the role of Manager of Student Team Performance. Please email Trish if you have any questions or requests about the team coaching service.

We also have two new part-time temporary Team Coaches joining the team:

Paul Kurucz brings a wealth of experience in facilitation, student team development, multicultural understanding, as well as team and individual coaching. He has also recently taught in the BCom program, and therefore has some true understanding of the "RRU" student and team experience. Paul’s passionate commitment to helping student teams be high performing learning opportunities is grounded in his strong educational foundation. 

Kate Landreth is a name that might be familiar to many of you, not only as a staff member in the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) department, but also as a yoga teacher here at our Rec Centre every Monday. Kate has made significant contributions to the "RRU" student experience in the last year through her work with WIL and will bring that dedication to building authentic connections in the realm of team coaching. She has a Masters of Education Degree with many years teaching overseas and demonstrates a solid understanding of the diversity in our student population. Her foundation of combining educational theory and pedagogy and desire for strong relationships will be a benefit to student teams. 

You can find Kate and Paul in Library 107, a great place to drop in and talk about student team coaching, and Trish downstairs in Library 9. 

Student Team Performance also continues to work with some long-time and talented contracted coaches, Michael Pardy and Susan Thackery. We would like to thank both Michael and Susan for all of their contributions to team learning and student success.

To learn more about how team coaches support Student Team Performance by providing student teams with team skills, coaching, and guidance on how to effectively work in teams and to ensure students capitalize on the learning, check out our resources at Student Team Coaching Resources. If you wish to join-in on growing initiatives being developed through TeamsWork please email Trish

For any additional inquiries, email  

Photo: New Student Team Performance members (left to right) Kate Landreth, Trish Dyck and Paul Kurucz.