The Techno Files: Anthony Ralston


The Techno Files is a series of short interviews featuring people associated with the MA in Learning and Technology (MALAT) program. This Q&A post features faculty member Anthony Ralston.

Alice: Anthony, why have you chosen to teach in the MALAT program? 

Anthony: The MALAT program offers me the opportunity to work with a variety of students from diverse backgrounds and experiences in teaching and learning. The nature of the program presents opportunities for me to engage students in not only my experience in education, but also to look at the challenges of the learning landscape and the impact that technology has on our field of study. 

Alice: Focusing on the learning part of the MA in Learning and Technology, who is a theorist you admire and why? 

Anthony: Several theorists that have influenced me for reasons related to instructional design and learning and methodologies are John Dewey, Maria Montessori, and Edgar Dale.  Although the list of theorists that I continue to research is obviously much larger than the three noted here, I consider that these three theorists have formed the basis to my approaches to teaching and program design and continue to influence my practice. Here are some links for anyone interested in more detail about them: 

Alice:  I've enjoyed your perspectives on other questions we've explored as well and we'll share some of those insights about technologies, projects and less known aspects of your career in another "episode" of The Techno Files. In the meanwhile, people can learn more about you through your Royal Roads bio here. Thank you so much!