The Techno Files: Anthony Ralston Part II


The Techno Files is a series of short interviews featuring people associated with the MA in Learning and Technology (MALAT) program. This Q&A post features faculty member Anthony Ralston.

It was a pleasure to interview our MALAT faculty member Anthony Ralston.  Here is Part 2 of our conversation (you can read Part 1 here). 

Alice:  Anthony - you have had an eclectic career. Could you describe a particularly interesting project?

Anthony:  My current role within the United Nations allows me to design training programs for UNHCR staff on a global scale.  I am presented with interesting challenges and opportunities whereby I can integrate a cross-section of educational technology and learning methodologies that has to meet the demands of a diverse participant population. Many of the blended learning programs that I am involved in designing include often include video as a teaching and learning tool and mobile devices as part of the blended format for delivery.  

Alice: You work a lot with technologies and teach a technology-related course in the MA in Learning and Technology.  What are some of your personal favourites?

Anthony: I tend to favor the following innovative use of technology as it relates to education:

Alice: I have one more question for you. I am curious what Royal Roads learners, staff or faculty might not know about you?

Anthony: In the early stages of my career, I was involved in television, film and photography in Canada and the UK. In my academic and consulting career, I have continued to draw from these past experiences and am a proponent of the use of media as a teaching and learning methodology. I continue to actively be involved in photography and am admittedly still a believer in film as the true art form for photography even as a digital format professional.