Temporary moves at Student Services

Gemma, Claire, Viral

The library is getting new windows!  During this time, there will be some office shuffles. For those referring students to services, please note that Gemma Fraser from Student Counselling has moved to LIC 216. Gemma can be reached best via email at counselling@royalroads.ca. Viral Mangukia and Claire Clarke from Student Engagement (New Student Orientation/ Student Activities/ International Student Support) have moved to LIC 111.  They can both be reached at: studentservices@royalroads.ca. Kate Landreth and Trish Dyck from Student Team Performance are also out of their offices, but floating around the library. You can reach them at teamcoaching@royalroads.ca.  Theresa Bell and Jamaal Cox from the Writing Centre are still located in the Library, but have moved to Library 316 (just west of the circulation desk). 

Thanks for your patience; most folks should be back in their library homes after January 26, 2017.