Terry Mughan co-organizes a think tank at AOM


Prof. Mary Yoko Brannen, Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives and Gustavson School of Business, UVic; Prof. Rosalie L. Tung, Beedie School of Business, SFU; and Prof. Terry Mughan, Centre for Global Studies, UVic, and School of Business, Royal Roads University have organized a think tank to be offered during the Academy of Management sessions in Vancouver next month. The topic is Management and the New Demographic: Unleashing the Economic and Organizational Potential of Migrants, Diaspora and Boundaryless Workforce.

Thinktank description:

The world is experiencing unprecedented levels of mobility and migration, profoundly impacting firms, economies, and societies. Immigration has given rise to growing numbers of bicultural and multicultural members of the workforce who have special potential for today’s global firms and for ongoing sustainablility and competitive growth of industries. Integration of these new communities and individuals into the workforce often fails, at least in part, because of perceived problems with language, culture, and attitudes on the part of both employers and employees.

For more information about this event see here