Thank you from Roads to Research


Research Services would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the faculty and students who presented at Roads to Research this past Fall and Winter. Thank you for sharing your research with our community!

Geoff Bird: War Memories of the Second World War

Terry Mughan: Language in International Business Research, and Beyond

Geoff Archer: #WriteIn16: A Field Guide To The 100 Most Presidential Americans

Geo Takach: “KNOW THY NEIGHBOUR: Will the Real Alberta Please Stand Up?”

Brian White: Anthropogenic Change on the Summit of South East Asia: A 2016 expedition to Mt. Fansipan, Vietnam

Charles Krusekopf: Supporting international student success in the Canadian workforce

Jean Slick: A Conceptual Framework for Thinking about the Function of Cases in Learning Activities

Theresa Mackay: Women at Work: Innkeeping in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland 1790-1840

Eugene Thomlinson and Rebecca Wilson-Mah: Mind the Gap: Chinese diploma student views of bridges and barriers to transferring into a Canadian university

Eugene Thomlinson: May the Force Be With You: Influencing destination image through film

Robin Cox, Tamara Plush & Trevor Bennet: “Step Up” - short film screening & chat: Facilitating video conversations for data generation & social/policy change

Eugene Thomlinson: The Five-O Effect: Influencing Destination Image through Film

Jaigris Hodson: Accelerating Climate Change Communication

Geoff Bird & Dave Adams: Filming villages, farms, sea and stone: Exploring Canada’s European sites of war memory

We would also like to thank Production Services, Catering, Custodial and Media Support Services for the integral role they each play to make the sessions run smoothly. We truly couldn’t do it without you.

If you’ve missed a presentation, most past sessions of Roads to Research are available on the Roads to Research YouTube channel.

Deb, Jenny, Gwen and Nick at Research Services