Thank you, from SET!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the School of Education and Technology Open House last Thursday – what a great turnout and engagement from our community!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the School of Education and Technology Open House last Thursday – what a great turnout and engagement from our community.

Thank you, also, to those who played our LT2 Two Truths and a Lie game… Some of you were relentless in trying to get to the truth (or more appropriately, the lie)!

In the end, our five winners (of Godiva chocolate truffles) are:

  • Mirjam van Hasselt
  • Colleen Hoppins
  • Mary-Ann Neal
  • Ellen Pelto
  • Carina Yao

Congratulations, and good luck NOT sharing those!

And now to the truths/lies, as promised (answer key comments provided by Doug, our game leader):

Michelle Lagos, Program Associate, MAELM and MALAT programs

         LIE I played an extra in the movie “The 13th Warrior”. Not exactly true, but she’s still a star in our eyes!

         TRUTH I am a Certified Dental Assistant.

         TRUTH My great grandfather was one of the first users of the two-man Burnett chainsaw.

Samantha Wood, School Manager, SET

         TRUTH I’ve worked out with Julia Roberts.

         TRUTH I’ve hiked to the shoulder of Mount Everest.

         LIE I’ve been white water rafting in five continents. Heh, heh, she fooled most of you with the Julia Roberts reference (and has white water rafted in two continents!).

Cai Dong—Program Associate, MAHEAL and MAELM (international programs

         TRUTH I was a daily live radio show host when I was 20 years old.

         LIE My first language was Mongolian. Not true, but it sure would’ve been nice to be trilingual. You never know when you’ll need Mongolian.

         TRUTH I had a squirrel as a pet.

George Veletsianos—Canada Research Chair in Innovative Learning and Technology.

         TRUTH I created training manuals for the military.

         TRUTH I was passionate about playing field hockey when I was younger but my career was short-lived.

         LIE Bandit the dog and Java the cat, my pets, are 13 years old. These bosom buddies are 12 years old.

Jo Axe—Director, School of Education and Technology

         LIE I had a summer job giving donkey rides to children on Blackpool beach in the UK. Too boring for Jo, given the truth of #2 and #3.

         TRUTH I hitchhiked from Seattle to San Diego.

         TRUTH I rappelled down the side of one of the oldest buildings at Durham University.

Elizabeth Childs—Head, MA in Learning and Technology

         LIE I was bitten by a muskie. It was actually a ‘large-mouth’ bass . . .  just kidding!

         TRUTH I’ve been to the top of a waterski pyramid.

         TRUTH I swam in the Panama Canal.

Robynne Devine, Program Coordinator

         LIE I won $250,000.00 in BC lotto in 1998. Do you think she would be working in SET if she did? Think of the compounded interest!

         TRUTH I went to a 2 room school.  K-3 in one room and 4-7 in the other.

         TRUTH I was married on a glacier in northern BC.

Doug Hamilton—Head, MA in Educational Leadership and Management (International) and MA in Higher Education Administration and Leadership programs

         TRUTH I was “Freddie the Shreddie”, the Nabisco Brands mascot, at a Blue Jays game in Toronto.

         TRUTH I was struck by lighting one summer in Northern Alberta.

         LIE I cross-country skied from Ottawa to Montreal in one day. It was actually two days – two very long days.

Thanks again everyone!