Thank you for your support!


The BSc of Environmental Science student group, the Campus Conservation Partnership, in association with Nancy Wilkin would like to thank everyone who participated in our initial survey. We are proud to report that we had more than 60 responses from staff and faculty, who provided vital information regarding printing and paper usage at Royal Roads. We are looking forward to another focus group on June 3.

In addition, we would like to thank those who took the time to provide feedback and explanations in response to our paper use email. A special thank you to the following staff members:

  • The ethics committee for reviewing and approving our project plan;
  • IT-Services for pulling data for review and for the extra effort required to make it anonymous; and
  • Nancy Wilkin and Jordan Kummerfield from the Office of Sustainability, for maintaining the anonymity of the data by managing the mailbox.

If you would like to contact us outside of this focus group, we welcome your emails.

Anonymity will be removed by a direct response to this email. If you wish to remain anonymous, then please reply to Jordan Kummerfield.

Campus Conservation Partnership

Photo credit: Chris Piascik / Creative Commons