The ultimate desktop business resource guide

Business Diagnostics, third edition is now available

Three business faculty and consultants, two with links to Royal Roads, have created what could be described as the ultimate desktop business resource guide to diagnose, evaluate and grow a business.

A culmination of over 10 years of research and management consultancy, Business Diagnostics (3rd Edition), will be used in business classes for valuable step-by-step case analysis.

Co-author Mike Thompson, associate professor with the School of Business at Royal Roads says the book is equally valuable in the real world for the small business owner or entrepreneur facing time constraints in acquiring and updating business management skills.

“Business owners don’t normally have time to attend full time business school courses,” says Thompson. “They need quick answers and easy-to-use systems. Business Diagnostics is designed as a practical enterprise checklist that can be read over a few evenings or kept on your desk as a reference guide.”

“We often see business people jumping into strategic planning before they have completed an external scan of their industry sector along with an in depth  competitor assessment ,” says co-author and Royal Roads associate faculty member Terry Rachwalski. “Inevitably, by highlighting threats and trends through an external scan, ‘aha’ moments are revealed. I have used the system in the book in my consulting practice for years. It works.”

Co-authors Rich Mimick, Terry Rachwalski and Mike Thompson

Third co-author, Rich Mimick, director of business, management and technology programs at Continuing Studies at the University of Victoria, adds the book shows the reader how to complete a comprehensive situation assessment (size-up) which covers the critical areas of a business.

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