UNESCO features action research study

The Evaluation Study of Action Research, or ESAR, with lead Prof Eileen Piggot-Irvine from RRU, has recently been featured on the UNESCO website.

The Evaluation Study of Action Research, or ESAR, aims to investigate the validity of claims that AR projects have a transformational impact. The main research question to be addressed by this research is: In what ways can AR be validated as a contributor to meaningful individual, community, organizational and societal change?

The ESAR is a collaborative project coordinated by Prof. Eileen Piggot-Irvine at RRU.  Other members of the international research team include Dr. Shankar Sankaran, Wendy Rowe, Lesley Ferkins, Deborah Zornes, Judith Kearney, as well as Phil Cady.  The research team have established clear protocols for ensuring their own participatory practice in the ESAR study, and the protocols they are employing to engage with respondents aim to mirror the highest collaborative, dialogic, responsive, inclusive and transformatory ideals for AR.

The team has now compiled over 130 AR projects from across the world that are to be located on a publically accessible project directory. A small number of those 130 projects will be sampled for evaluation during this two year research using a mixed-methods (collecting qualitative and quantitative data) case study approach that will include document analysis, survey, interview and focus group tools. Pilot case studies are currently being conducted. The research is expected to contribute to both the theory and practice of AR and will result in peer-reviewed publications as well as useful tools to evaluate AR projects. 

Read the UNESCO post here.