United Way: Did we reach our goal?

Sophia Palahicky

It’s been such an honour to serve as campaign chair for the 2019 RRU United Way Workplace Campaign. What an amazing experience and what fun we had. Our book sales, bake sales, duck races, online actions, and other events and activities really energized the community and pulled us together in a humbling way. 

We surpassed our monetary goal of $56,000 and raised $57,484.73. Hooray! However, I really want to draw your attention to the "true" goal of this work. The goal of this campaign is to bring us together as community for a common cause, which is to serve the needs of friends, families and neighbors within communities here in Greater Victoria.

Thank you for your support, contributions and donations. YOU helped to make a difference by developing awareness, raising funds, and creating connections between people and resources to help address poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, mental health, social isolation and other issues. Thank you, volunteers and committee members for your dedication and love for this work. 

Please know that this work isn't over and we will continue to engage the community in other activities in the coming months.


Sophia Palahicky, 2019 Campaign Chair