United Way update

What a month for United Way thrills and spills, we have activities galore.

Can you believe that I have been asked to give you weekly updates on all of the United Way gossip? What a privilege! But also quite the testament to your twisted sense of humour. What is wrong with you people? Aindow Enterprises should open a book to take bets on how long this lasts.

First up is United Way Wednesday - you may have noticed an unusual increase in activity on hump day; that is because Wednesdays have been chosen as the United Way super fun and frolics day. Last week we had the PER BBQ filling the campus with mouth-watering smells to lure you out of your cubby holes. As you can see from the picture, Jeannie and Jody needed little encouragement being first up in the queue. Watch out for future imagery, I suspect this will become a trend.

Next week, yep you guessed it - on Wednesday - at noon, we have the world famous RRU United Way Duck Race where we squeeze an inhumane number of ducks onto the top of the fish ladder down by the lagoon and cheer them on like crazy to the finish line. This is by far the most popular annual event held on campus so there will be a battle for prime viewing locations, get there early so you can witness my duck sweeping the board as I am absolutely going to win. Not that I am competitive or anything.

On the same day, but at the later time of 2 p.m., the Mews will be hosting the grand draw for the flight over Victoria. I have it on good authority that it is a real flight in a real ‘plane, we don’t just bungee a webcam onto a duck and release it. Who doesn’t want to win this puppy? Time to flock to the Registrar’s Office to buy your draw tickets. They sell like hot cakes.

Speaking of which . . .  In a fortnight’s time, spookily enough on a Wednesday, we get to enjoy the start of another community favourite. Ink the Library’s fabulous Book and Bake Sale into your calendars for October 28th and 29th. More to come next week on this tasty morsel.

Remember those pledge forms? Well United Way is the charity that just keeps on giving and this week’s lucky pledge form draw winners are:

Nataliya Koskyuk wins a $50 gift card for the Thank You For Supporting the 2014 Campaign

Mike Dominy wins a $50 gift card for the 1st draw of the 2015 campaign.

Lila Linell wins a $50 gift card for the draw at the PER BBQ

Vivian Forssman wins a $50 gift card for the 2nd draw of the 2015 campaign.

Well done to all!

And thank you all very much for your generous contributions we are currently at $34,372.50, just $15,627.50 from our 50k target.