United Way: You can win some from here!


Did you know that Twila Pedersen had the winning raffle ticket & won the Flight over Victoria?  And that our winner for the Thank You for Giving draw today was Nicole Beazley?  And last week, it was Lisa Robinson?  And the week before that, it was Carol Louch?

People are winning!  And you, can, too!  How?  By getting involved in the Online Auction and/or the Laptop Ticket Raffle…  and by getting your pledge form in before 2pm on November 21st for a chance to win the coveted “Day off with Pay” prize.

The Online Auction starts at 9am on Monday, November 17th and runs until 12 noon on Friday, November 28th.  Check it out at here (that link won't work 'til Monday morning  :))

The Duck Race will be held on Wednesday, November 19th at noon at the Fish Ladder.  If you have a ticket, come cheer on your duck.  If you don’t have a ticket, come cheer on everyone’s duck  J

Tickets for the Lenovo Tablet 10 (a laptop that converts to a tablet when you remove the keyboard) go on sale on Monday, November 17th until noon on Friday, November 28th.  Tickets are $5 each (what a potential investment!).  Here’s where you can buy tickets:

  • 7B – Debbie Olnick
  • Boathouse / Blue Heron – Cindy Goodman
  • Cedar – Douglas, Tom and Twila at the Helpdesk
  • Commandant’s House – Robynne Devine
  • Gate House / Arbutus – Carol Louch
  • Grant – Donna March
  • LIC Reception – Cheryl Dash/Colleen Parkes
  • Mews – Juanita Bradley
  • Nixon – Jeannie Drew
  • Recreation Centre –Patti Walsh/Front Desk
  • Rose Garden House – Jackie Raby
  • Vice Commandant’s House (Building 28) – Marjorie Campbell

As of 2pm on Friday, November 14th, we have raised $46,165.85 and have a 26% participation rate. 

Woo Hoo!  Thank you ALL!
Cecelia for the United Way Committee