Upcoming intercultural learning opportunity

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The Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies (CTET) invites core faculty and associate faculty who are interested in enhancing their intercultural teaching practice to participate in the upcoming online course Intercultural Foundations for Education (IFE) from November 5 to December 2, 2018. This course is available at no cost for RRU core faculty and associate faculty (at this time, RRU staff and external applicants will not be accepted). Core faculty and associate faculty can register for IFE via the RRU Professional and Continuing Studies website. Please contact CTET Faculty Development for a discount code to register for free.

IFE takes a brief yet deep dive into a curated selection of the intercultural learning literature on promising practices in culturally responsive teaching to provide a base for intentional instructional choices. We’ll take a look at some key ‘hot button’ issues, such as privilege, and consider possible pedagogical approaches to respond in a thoughtful way. Perhaps most importantly, you will have access to collegial discussion and experiential activities to share knowledge, successes, and work on  common challenges, like facilitating intercultural teamwork and fair assessment across culturally diverse students.

Faculty participants in previous sessions of IFE have had this to say about their experience and what they found most helpful:

"Facilitators were present, encouraging, and did a great job summarizing and acknowledging responses."

"Learning strategies for more culturally inclusive practice and sharing our teaching experience."

"Of particular value were the [activities] with no easy answers and for which there was an exchange of perspectives and approaches."

"Real activity examples and sharing of practice."

"Strategies for engaging students in activities that deepen their learning."

"All topics in all four units are relevant. I am not sure what challenges I may face but I certainly have resources now."

"Presentation of learning materials and assessing written assignments– in short, the whole course!"

IFE reflects CTET’s commitment to addressing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in teaching and learning activities at RRU, given that both the RRU student body and faculty team are becoming increasingly culturally diverse. At the same time, the programs offered by RRU are expanding their global reach. More international students are coming to our campus and our domestic students reflect an expanding range of Indigenous, newcomer, and blended cultures. We are also encouraging Canadian students to embrace study-abroad opportunities to develop global learning capacities. This raises the question, how can we learn and teach effectively in this fluid cultural environment? It is becoming evident that, as educators, we need opportunities to develop intercultural teaching competencies so we can better guide students to successfully navigate local and global intercultural learning challenges. We feel that IFE is one way that we can support faculty in addressing these challenges.

Please contact CTET Faculty Development  if you have any questions about IFE or any of CTET’s faculty development offerings.

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