Update - IT ticket tracking system

IT ticket tracking system

A few months ago, we told you about our ticket tracking system upgrade. Many of you have been using the online form to submit tickets – thank you for doing that! We are now ready to move to the next stage of implementation by upgrading this Thursday, September 8th. The upgrade includes:

  • replacing the Computer Services website with a new page
  • providing you with access to the portal so that you can view and update your own tickets and
  • turning on the magic that allows you to update tickets by responding to the email notices you receive from the system (IF your email forwarding is OFF, otherwise, you must click on the link to open the actual ticket in order to update)

The new landing page

The new landing page looks something like this:


Submitting a new ticket

When you want to submit a ticket, please click on the “Submit a Ticket” link. You will be required to log in – the logging in part is SUPER important. You’ll see this:


Enter your usual username and password and click ‘Log in’.

Enter as much information as you can in the screen that follows:


… and click ‘Create’ on the very bottom (not shown here).

The information you entered into the system is assigned a ticket number automatically. You will receive an email message indicating that a ticket has been created. If Cecelia is the person working on your ticket, the message will come from:


Notice the jira@royalroads.ca? Please recognize this as being legitimate email from RRU.

When we reply to you in the system, you will receive an email. If we are updating you on the ticket, no action is required. If however, we are asking you for more information, you can hit ‘reply’ and provide some details – unless you have email forwarding turned on, in which case, you’ll need to click on the LINK in the email in order to access and update the ticket. Regardless of which way you provide the information, the ticket will be updated immediately.

Checking the status of your tickets

You can check the status of your open ticket(s) from the landing page by clicking on the link for “Check Ticket Status”, shown in this picture:


Or from here while you are about to enter a ticket (or after you’ve entered a new ticket):


When you look at a ticket (by double clicking on it from the list), you will be able to see the current status as well as any communications we’ve shared since the ticket was created.

We are happy that this system upgrade provides you with online access to information about your request(s) for service and we appreciate your willingness to use this new system.

If you have any questions, please let us know:


Cecelia for IT Services