Using Moodle to build learning communities

Using Moodle to build learning communities

How can you provide students, faculty and program staff with program-specific information and resources without increasing your workload? The School of Communication and Culture (SCC) is one example of a school that found a solution in Moodle.

Previously, SCC provided program information via several mediums: Moodle course sites, the school website and/or emails. This presented an administrative nightmare. In response, SCC worked with an instructional designer (ID) to leverage Moodle tools and created a community site called "The Bridge."

The SCC community site appears in the Moodle Dashboard of every SCC student and faculty member, making it a one-click step to engage with community and access information. "The Bridge"  is enduring, which means it serves ALL cohorts.

Is your program or school interested in building a Moodle learning community? Contact your ID liaison or STUDIO.