Vancouver Sun features CStudies facilitator

Tess Wixted
Writing Alone Together, the new book co-written by Continuing Studies' facilitator Wendy Judith Cutler, is featured in a recent story in The Vancouver Sun.

Continuing Studies' facilitator Wendy Judith Cutler along with co-authors Ahava Shira and Lynda Monk have writtten a new book on the journalling process in a circle of community titled Writing Alone Together: Journalling in a Circle of Women for Creativity, Compassion and Connection. They and their work are featured in a recent news article in The Vancouver Sun.

In an excerpt from the article, the combined power of community and journalling are explored:

"In the circle there are witnesses. Writing may happen that could not happen on one's own. Whether alone or together, as Cutler points out, 'journal writing is accessible to all and can be used towards our most personal, political and world-transforming goals."

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