Is the 'war on AIDS' over?


Vancouver's The Georgia Straight this week published an article by MAIIS student Minda Richardson. Minda's research on AIDS/HIV awareness was completed as part of IICS 605: Public Culture.

"In order for things to matter, a war needs to be waged. The wars on drugs, terrorism, and poverty—all three are mainstream examples of battle rhetoric used in the face of complex social and political issues affecting great numbers of the population. The “war on AIDS” was declared out of need and before widespread access and use of social media. With advancements in medicine and the decline of public protest, the societal investment in the war of AIDS has shrivelled up and died. Don’t get me wrong—every few months or so people gather for Dining Out for Life or donate money to the AIDS walk. But people don’t give a damn where their money is going and why they are participating in an event..."

by Minda richardson